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Luminar Flashbond Lash Extensions

WHAT IS LUMINAR FLASHBOND LASHES?? Luminar Flashbond is an newer & innovative way of attaching lash extensions to your natural lashes. This system uses an LED light to cure the lash adhesive to your natural lash. How is this safe??? It is very safe. The light is an LED and not a UV lamp. The light is 405nm where other lights on the market are under 400nm. There are no damaging side effects. Is the Lash Adhesive safe?? YES! This adhesive has been researched and created by a local gal in Edmonton. She has worked with a manufactuer to create the perfect adhesive. It has 3 ingredients ONLY. Other adhesives have around 5. Carbon black being one of them which is an allergen to some people. How does this work?? This adhesive cures in 2 seconds under the light. This means you (& me) have less exposure to fumes. By curing the adhesive in 2 seconds, I am able to move onto the next lash without causing your lashes to stick together. With regular lash glue, I have to wait for it to set before moving onto the next one. Sometimes I might think it's set, then when I go back through the set, I am pulling apart lashes that have stuck together. This takes up more time and can cause damage. How long do you have to wait to get them wet?? ZERO. Thats right! No wait time after. You can jump into the shower, wash your face, go swimming, work out or go for a facial right after. They are good to go ! How long do they last? They last 3-4 weeks +. The lashes should only come off when you shed your natural lash. You lose 2-3 lashes a day on average so you will still need a fill every 3 weeks max. If you find you loose lashes often, you may need to come in before the 3 weeks. Once you try it, we can wait to see your retention, How do you clean them? Like regular lashes. Use a lash shampoo to wash them once a day. Your lashes still build up oil and "gunk" if not cleaned. I tell my clients to wash them when they wash their face to make it easy. How do you book in? click the link at the bottom or message me and I can book you in.


Lash Day Is The Best Day


My  Story

My name is Chauntelle (Chaunny) and I started in the Lash Industry in August 2020 during the pandemic.  I have worked in Dental for 13 years and realized it's just not my passion anymore. I went to school to be a hair stylist in 2006/2007 but unfortunately the universe had other plans for me when I was in a car accident in 2007. 

After trying out different career paths and working in the dental industry I decided to go back to the beauty industry but wanted to try something new.  I wanted a little extra money which over the last 2 years has turned into more than a part time gig. I am now full time lashing, tattooing & donning permanent jewellery.  I enjoy getting to meet new people and I love the feeling I get when my clients open their eyes and a huge smile comes across their face. It's so rewarding to be able to boost peoples confidence and make them feel beautiful. 


Please contact me if there is a specific time or day you are looking for that is not available and I can help you out.



780. 231. 1533


Sumac Lane, Sherwood Park.  AB


Not accepting any new evening appointments @ the moment as client list is full. 


Mon - Thursday 9am - 5 / 7-9pm

Friday 9am-4pm

Weekends : Closed (only available for parties)

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