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New Clients :   I require a 50% deposit upon booking. The deposit will be taken off the card that was used when booking. If you prefer to E-transfer, Please let me know.  E-transfer must be sent within 1hr of booking otherwise the appointment will not be approved.  This deposit is non refundable but will go towards your service. 

You can e-transfer to

Tattoo & Permanent Jewellery Appointments : For tattoo's I require a 50% non refundable deposit. The first touchup is no charge as long as it is booked 4-6 weeks after initial appointment.


For Permanent Jewellery, a $25 non refundable deposit is required. Deposits will be put toward your appointment. Please see cancellation policy for exemptions. 


No Refunds : Unfortunately, with the work that I do, I cannot give refunds. My time and product went into your lashes which cannot be recouped. If you have lost more than 10 lashes in the first 48 hours or you are unhappy with something,  please contact me and I will touch them up at no cost. Don’t be shy. If I'm unaware something is wrong, I can’t fix it :)

If scheduling is an issue and you can’t get in within 7 days, then I will discount your next fill. 

Jewellery: I cannot refund your jewellery as the chain was custom made to fit you. If there are issues with your piece of jewellery please see the Warranty on the Permanent Jewellery Page.


Cancellations : Please give 24 hours notice if cancelling or rescheduling.  If the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled in less than 24 hours,  a 50% deposit is required for that appointment. 

SAME DAY cancellations or NO SHOWS will be charged 100% of that missed appointment.

For current clients I will ask for a credit card to be put on file. (Which is 100% secured on the Square Booking System). This will not be charged unless there is a cancellation fee. If you are not comfortable with leaving a credit card I will send an e-transfer request.


I know things happen and people get sick. If there is a short notice cancellation due to sickness, I won’t charge you the first time.  If it happens more than once, I will have to charge you a 50% deposit.

 Unfortunately, I rely on that appointment to pay my bills as this is my full time job. So please respect my time. 

PARTIES ARE 48 HOURS NOTICE - please see Party Info Page


Changes to Appointments: if you are wanting to change the appointment service please let me know 48 hours prior. Different services are allocated different amounts of time so if I can accommodate it I will, if it doesn’t work then we will have to reschedule that appointment. 



After Hours: I will try to accommodate my clients as much as I can, but I do have a family life as well. If you are needing to get in asap and I don’t have anything during my work hours, I will offer you outside work hours but there will be a $20 extra charge.

The Saturdays that I am closed (usually 2 a month), are included in that fee.


Arrivals: If you are early, please text me. I allot so much time per client. If I am available to bring you in early I will text you back. Please just wait in your car until then. 


Parking: There is a sign on the garage door for client parking. Whatever side of the garage the sign is on, please park on that side :)


Allergies: I have 2 dogs. One is a cocker spaniel and one is a mini golden doodle. If you’re highly allergic please note that my lash studio is in my house. The dogs aren’t in the room at the time of the appointment but their hair is around my house. I am not responsible or liable for an allergy flareup.


Lash Fills  

2 weeks:  Fills must be booked within 14-18 days of your last fill and have 60% of lashes left. If they are not 60% full but more then 40% I will charge the 3 week fill price. 


* I will let you know before I start if it is going to be more*


3 Weeks: Fills must not exceed 24 days from your last fill , or less than 40% otherwise it will be considered a new set. (If I can count how many lashes are left it will be a new set) **Please contact me before to let me know that it might be a new set because I may need more time.


Touch Ups: 1 hr appointment. This appointment is to just “spruce” up the lashes and fill in any gaps. No out grown lashes will be removed.  


Phones: Please turn your phone on silent. This is your time to relax :) 


Music: If there is something you would like to listen to let me know. I always ask if there is something you prefer so don’t be shy :) .. If you want to bring your own ear pods and listen to you own music that is totally fine too! You do you boo! :)


Minors: Clients under the age of 18 must have parental consent and guardian MUST sign a waiver. 

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